About Us

Professional | Life Changing | Development

Scholars' Alliance was established in 2006. With a VISION in mind –

To Enable and Empower People

Scholars’ Alliance’s commitment & mission is – 

Changing minds and Improving performance

Our purposes are:

  • Support corporate to grow and sustain businesses
  • Transform people to be competent and employable
  • Develop human capital to realise its potential

Our aim is to help people breakthrough their limiting beliefs and achieve what’s possible for them.


Life Aspirants in

and growing across the globe!

We also have our bread and butter courses

public courses, popular courses, courses related to a specific job skill and work-related trainings to help increase employability. 

Our reason for doing is because of our Professional International Team who have the passion in helping people learn and transform, to their best abilities. Our certified team from Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, US, Canada, UK, Australia, Greece are recognised International experts in their individual fields. We conduct trainings, lead workshops, give presentations, summit talks, provide coaching and mentoring – enthusiastic individuals with a passion, committed to guiding individuals through the learning and development processes.

The Team

Venkat V.M. Lingam

Founder I Principal Consultant

Venkat V.M. Lingam is an International Trainer with more than 12 years of training experience.

He is a certified Trainer in Singapore (SSG), Malaysia (HRDF) and Australia (TAFE). His passion for developing people started in the L&D, human capital development & Leadership areas and that encouraged him to include an important aspect of Emotional Intelligence to transform and change perspectives in individuals.

Venkat facilitated workshops for Government officials, representing Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Singapore, in several ASEAN countries in the Initiative for ASEAN integration (IAI). He is also an Enterprise Certified coach, providing expertise to corporates in people development and change implementation. As an instructor for Ministry of Education, he conducts workshops for students and teachers, making him versatile in both Pedagogy and Andragogy teaching methodologies.

Besides being an experience course developer, he also mentors and manages a team of trainers and courseware developers, staying true to this mission of building up capabilities in individuals.

He champions the holistic approach of creating a seamless path towards education and learning for individuals to accomplish their dreams. Thus, he founded Scholars’ Alliance in 2007 for the reasons of growth, transformation and change of individuals.

Venkat has been an invited Guest Speaker for international events such as M.I.C.E (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Events) and representing Singapore for various International Speakers Symposiums and Summits. He actively participates in panel discussions involving coaches and speakers from various countries.

Venkat is a recipient for “STAR 2020” award issued by the World Book of Records, for being a silent warrior in CoVid 19 combat.

Our Advisory Team

Sandipa Basnyat - Nepal

Leadership and Career Coach

Raza Khan - England, UK

SAGE Mentor

Dr. Raman Gill - Canada

Mindset and Performance Mentor

Marcela Soler – Australia

Life Coach and Corporate Trainer

Roxani Oikonomou - Greece

Founder, R.M.T Methodology

Micro Expressions Coach and Virtual Presentation Mentor

Albine Boueri – Lebanon

ICF Certified Life Coach

Francisco Reyes – Spain

ICF PCC - Gallup Certified Strength coach

Sandipa Basnyat – Nepal

Leadership and Career Coach

Sandipa is a Certified Professional Coach(CPC) with specialization in career and leadership coaching.

She has more than 23 years of work experience in USA, Nepal and Switzerland. She also worked as a senior career coach at George Washington University School of Business, USA, where she provided US acculturation to all international students, career coaching and advising support to graduate MBA students. She has helped 1000+ International job seekers in their career transition in USA.

She is a co-founder of Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management(SMSH) and presently working as Director, SMSH, Kathmandu, Nepal. She has been volunteering at World Bank Family Network (WBFN) and was the President Operations for year 2013-14 and she is the co- founder of the career & volunteering program at the World Bank for its 4000 members worldwide.

Sandipa has been awarded as “50 most influential global coaching leaders” in 2016 by world Coaching congress.

SPECIALTIES: – Career & Leadership Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Managing Change & Diversity, Career transition to expats, Career Assessment & Planning, Career Coaching, Cross cultural communication & Personal Development, Group coaching & Business etiquette.

Raza Khan - England, UK

SAGE Mentor

Raza is a technology evangelist and a Coach with a successful track record in delivering transformation projects and programs in financial services, insurance, banking, law, consulting, public & FTSE-250 corporate sectors.

Raza has a passion for using training, education & technology to improve an organisation’s culture, implement best practices and result-oriented change over the past 20+ years.

Raza is a multicultural expert in managing offshore teams. Known for inculcating visionary ideas with innovative analogies & brainstorming, Raza possesses an engaging training, coaching, facilitation, and presentation skills. Being a frequent speaker at international seminars, webinars – Raza talks on Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, Anxiety and help people build eMotional Muscle to manage their emotion & triggers.

Raza has a passion for coaching and helping people overcoming their limiting beliefs and help them to Be the Magic in their personal & professional life.

SPECIALTIES: – Mentoring, Growing And Building Small & Medium-Sized Businesses, Small Business Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Marketing For Small Businesses, Business Mentoring, Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Emotional Intelligence.

Dr. Raman Gill - Canada

Mindset and Performance Mentor

Dr. Raman Gill is an award winning educationist specializing in growth management and mindset to excel.

She brings in her rich 30 plus years of experience in educating and leadership. Her approach is client centered and results oriented. Dr.Gill’s mentoring style also comes from passion to help and being a survivor of brain trauma. More than 20000 learners have benefitted from her classrooms, lectures, and workshops. With her passion to help clients she uses different strategies for diverse learners. Dr. Gill has also handed projects funded by Rockefeller Foundation (USA), ICAR (India) and Service Canada (Canada).

Dr. Gill is providing her services under the banner of “Leap Forward and Raman Gill Creations”. Also sits in the advisory team of Scholars Alliance (Singapore and Malaysia) and Executive of World Book Records, Uk. Dr. Gill has education degree from University of Calgary, a post Doc from Dalhousie University, Halifax and PhD from Punjab Agricultural University, India and training from International Rice Research Institute, Philippines. She is a certified master’s life coach and certified teacher.

Dr. Gill’s work has been featured at prestigious platforms and is an international guest speaker. Her distinguished guest invites includes various educational platforms, media and galas, including being a panellist for University of Calgary recently. She has proven record in stakeholder strategy, visioning, strategic leadership and board governance. She has authored and co-authored papers; articles; book chapters in publications like Springer. She has more than 45 research papers to her credit; more than 60 research abstracts presented in national and international conferences.

SPECIALTIES: – Mindset Transformation, Emotional Intelligence, Performance, Leadership, Personality Development, Public Speaking, Healthy Lifestyle, Skill Development, Creativity Development, Relaxation Techniques.

Marcela Soler – Australia

Life Coach and Corporate Trainer

Marcela Soler is a Life Coach and Corporate Trainer with a strong Financial and leadership background acquired in European leading listed companies. Marcela is a Serial Entrepreneur who is committed to Personal & Professional Development, Leadership, Management Model and Development of Sustainable Business, embracing individual and organisational Excellence growth through Promoting creative thinking and challenging statu-quo. Having lived in different countries, exposed to multiple cultures, Marcela understands how change impacts people and organisations and triggers new beginnings. She is committed to helping others to manage change and transition smoothly and move forward. BS, MS CA and BBA, Personal Development Coach and NLP Practitioner.



People Development, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Strategic Planning & Leadership, -Operational Management & Control, People Management: -Creative thinking

Roxani Oikonomou - Greece

Founder, R.M.T Methodology
Micro Expressions Coach I Virtual Presentation Mentor

Roxani is a Virtual Presentation Mentor for CEOs and TV Speakers, Cultural Intuition and Sensitivity Sales Hospitality Coach, Interview Coach, Microexpressions Trainer, postmodern approach Narrative Career Guidance, Career Constructing Genogram.

Roxani has spent over 20 years of her career as a Communication and Sales Manager in Hospitality industry, leading from an inner need to explore cultures and the differences in their norms and to explore the different expectation from different cultures. This need led her to study Micro Expressions, Body Language, postmodern approach Narrative Guidance and Constructing Genogram for Future Purposeful Life.

However, admitting to her passion -Virtual Presentation! The path to bonding with others all over planet. Her approach to Coaching is largely inspired by her own experience of communicating with people with global backgrounds, which you’ll find reflected in my method: 11R.M.T. (11 Pillars of Reconstruction- for Future Purposeful Life.

Roxani is also the Body Language Coach for the TEDx speakers.

SPECIALTIES: – Virtual Presentations, Body Language, Communication Skills, Hospitality Management, Career coaching, Culture expert, Microexpressions, HR, Interview skills.