The “Blue Ink Project” is the masterstroke initiative conceptualized by Scholars’ Alliance and steered by a diverse and synergistic crew. We are in the creative and committed pursuit of mental wellness.

Mindfulness and Self-Care are more than trending buzzwords. We rely on our mind to create meaning of our existence. Life events and experiences leaves profound impressions upon memory as well as constantly reconfigures the mind that in turn impacts our reality. That’s how the motto of the Blue Ink Project literally wrote itself – Shape Your mind, Shape Your Future.

We are seeking to in(k)spire through our specially curated series of lectures and workshops. We are excited to present an extensive table of topics that serve as tools of transformation.

This outreach program was established to reach out to people in need and also to empower the society in general. From complimentary workshops to Anonymous and voice chats with a listener of your choice. Our team have undergone trainings with prolific trainers and counsellors.

Committee Members

L to R: Ron Lee, Darren Oh, Uma Mageswari, Sunita Kaur.

Not in Picture: Gaiyasri Gunnasekaran

Venkat V.M. Lingam


Founder of Blue Ink Project – Venkat V.M. Lingam


Venkat is a Motivational and Mindset Coach, an International Trainer & Speaker  with more than 15 years of training experience. his passion for developing people started in the human capital. development areas and that encouraged him to include an important aspect of Emotional Intelligence to transform and change perspectives in individuals. 

He also mentors and manages a team of trainers and into individual coaching.

He is a certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, a certified NeuroLinguistic Practitioner and a Certified Enneagram Practitioner. Venkat is a recipient of the “Certificate of Commitment” issued by the World Book of Records.

We are creating a community for people to hold spaces for others to express their emotions safely. Thus, BlueInk Project has collaborated with “SPEAK YOUR MIND”, a Singapore based organisation


Speak Your Mind


We allow people to speak honestly and truthfully about taboo topics.

We are on a mission to provide spaces for people to speak their mind without restraint. We encourage openness by accepting people for where they are, staying curious, and showing that we listen to them.

We are currently building a digital platform for people to speak to trained listeners and are aiming to get a prototype out to people in June 2022.

We do not provide therapy or formal counselling as we don’t go in depth into people’s traumatic experiences or handle serious cases of mental illnesses. For such situations, we will recommend other mental health services that are better equipped to handle them.

A safe space for people in Asia to speak their mind. There are three reasons why Speak Your Mind exists.

  1. We want to give a space for people to express their feelings without suppressing them
  2. We want to cultivate a healthy group of good listeners.
  3. We need more emotional support in Asian countries
Evan Asava Aree

Evan Asava Aree


Founder of Speak Your Mind

I am a trained peer counsellor, listening to people from all walks of life. I like to listen, give spaces for people to process their emotions and thoughts, and learn more about their lives. In a world where good listening is rare, I hope to create and nurture communities where we care for people just for who they are.