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Emotional Intelligence

Our transformative core program is Emotional Intelligence and every program we produce have Emotional Intelligence entrenched in it – leadership programs, people management, managing change, managing teams, sales success and much more.

We do that to ensure that the change is deep and sustainable and it benefits the individual, the company and society at large.

We deliver well-structured programs; our classes are highly engaging and interactive and the discussions and feedbacks are tailored to evoke self-discovery journeys towards beliefs and assumptions – empowering people and to create a powerful transformation within the organisation and individuals.


Emotional Intelligence

EmotionaI Intelligence – the 4 Domains

Emotional Intelligence Courses

Leadership Development using Emotional Intelligence

Manage Team using EI

Achieve Results using EI

Sales success using EI

Manage Change using EI

Enable People using EI

Communicate Effectively using EI

Manage Self using EI

Workplace Relationship using EI

Certification Courses & Soft Skills

Certificate in Leadership and People Management

Soft Skills

Courses for Trainers

Digital Marketing

Personal Branding

EI Practitioner

Coaching and Mentoring



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